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Hugh MacDiarmid
 Old Wife in High SpiritsAn auld wumman cam' in, a mere rickle o' banes, in a faded black dress
George Macbeth
 The Wasps' NestAll day to the loose tile behind the parapet
John Masefield
 The CrowdThey had secured their beauty to the dock
 PartridgesHere they lie mottled to the ground unseen
 Sea-FeverI must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky
 TwilightTwilight it is, and the far woods are dim, and the rooks cry and call
 C L MIn the dar k womb where I began
 An EpilogueI have seen flowers come in stony places
Charlotte Mew
 Sea LoveTide be runnin' the great world over
 I so liked SpringI so liked Spring last year
 The Farmer's BrideThree Summers since I chose a maid
 A Quoi Bon DireSeventeen years ago you said
 Old Shepherd's PrayerUp on the bed by the window, where I be lyin
Alice Meynell
 The Rainy SummerThere's much afoot in heaven and earth this year
Harold Monro
 ThistledownThis might have been a place for sleep
 Midnight LamentationWhen you and I go down
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