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Thomas Hardy
 The SunshadeAh - it's the skeleton of a lady's sunshade
 She, to HimWhen you shall see me in the toils of time
 Thoughts of PhenaNot a line of her writing have I
 I Need Not GoI need not go
 The Ruined MaidO Melia, my dear, this does everything crown!
 In TenebrisWhen the clouds' swoln bosoms echo back the shouts of the many and strong
 A Church RomanceShe turned in the high pew, until her sight
 Channel FiringThat night your great guns, unawares
 The Convergence of the TwainIn a solitude of the sea
 The Year's AwakeningHow do you know that the pilgrim track
 After a JourneyHereto I come to view a voiceless ghost
 Where the Picnic WasWhere we made the fire
 The Newcomer's WifeHe paused on the sill of a door ajar
 The OxenChristmas Eve, and twelve of the clock
 An AnniversaryIt was at the very date to which we have come
 Old FurnitureI know not how it may be with others
 During Wind and RainThey sing their dearest songs
 If It's Ever Spring AgainIf it's ever spring again
 Voices From Things Growing in a ChurchyardThese flowers are I, poor Fanny Hurd
 An Ancient to AncientsWhere once we danced, where once we sang
 Snow in the SuburbsEvery branch big with it
 When Oats Were ReapedThat day when oats were reaped, and wheat was ripe and barley ripening
 This Summer and LastUnhappy Summer you
 I Am the OneI am the one who ringdoves see
 The MoundFor a moment pause
 He Never Expected MuchWell, World, you have kept faith with me
John Heath-Stubbs
 Valse OublieťAnd as we came down the staircase
 The History of the FloodBang Bang Bang
Adrian Henri
 Mrs Albion You've Got a Lovely DaughterAlbion's most lovely daughter sat on the banks of the Mersey dangling her landing stage in the water
Ralph Hodgson
 The HammersNoise of hammers once I heard
 Stupidity StreetI saw with open eyes
 The BullSee an old unhappy bull
 Silver WeddingIn the middle of the night
 Hymn to MolochO thou who didst furnish
A E Housman
 Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry NowLoveliest of trees, the cherry now
 The Lads in Their Hundreds to Ludlow Come in for the FairThe lads in their hundreds to Ludlow come in for the fair
 Others, I Am Not The FirstOthers, I am not the first
 On Wenlock Edge The Wood's In TroubleOn Wenlock Edge the wood's in trouble
 Into My Heart An Air That KillsInto my heart an air that kills
 Epitaph on an Army of MercenariesThese, in the day when heaven was failing
 Tell Me Not Here, It Needs Not SayingTell me not here, it needs not saying
 Because I Liked You BetterBecause I liked you better
Mary Howitt
 The Spider And The Fly"Will you walk into my parlor?" said the spider to the fly;
Ted Hughes
 ThistlesAgainst the rubber tongues of cows and the hoeing hands of men
T E Hulme
 The EmbankmentOnce, in finesse of fiddles found I ecstasy
 ImageOld houses were scaffolding once
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