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John Davidson
 In Romney MarshAs I went down to Dymchurch Wall
 Thirty Bob a WeekI couldn't touch a stop and turn a screw
 A Runnable StagWhen the pods went pop on the broom,green broom
W H Davies
 The RainI hear leaves drinking rain
 The Dumb WorldI Cannot see the short, white curls
 The InquestI took my oath I would inquire
 The VillainWhile joy gave clouds the light of stars
 The RatThat woman there is almost dead
 The White HorseWhat do I stare at - not the colt
C Day-Lewis
 Sheepdog Trials in Hyde ParkA shepherd stands at one end of the arena
John Drinkwater
 Moonlit ApplesAt the top of the house the apples are laid in rows
 BirthrightLord ramese of Egypt sighed
Lawrence Durrell
 MythologyAll my favourite characters have been
Clifford Dyment
 As a Boy with a Richness of Needs I wanderedAs a boy with a richness of needs I wandered
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