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Old Ballad
 Sir Patrick SpensThe king sits in Dunfermline town
  Drinking the blude-red wine.
Gavin Bantock
 JoyAnd Paradise does come
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
 If Thou Must Love MeIf thou must love me, let it be for naught
Patricia Beer
 Lion HuntsA lion is never a lion in a royal hunt
Sir Max Beerbohm
 A LuncheonLift latch, step in, be welcome, Sir
Hillaire Belloc
 The World's a Stage. The Trifling Entrance FeeThe world's a stage. The trifling entrance fee
 Ha'nacker MillSally is gone that was so kindly
 On a General ElectionThe accursèd power which stands on Privilege
 On Mundane AcquaintancesGood Morning, Algernon: Good Morning, Percy
 FatigueI'm tired of Love: I'm still more tired of Rhyme
Arnold Bennett
 A Love AffairDown flew the shaft of the god
Stella Benson
 FrostAh, nobody knows
Laurence Binyon
 HungerI come among the peoples like a shadow
 The Little DancersLonely, save for a few faint stars, the sky
 For the FallenWith proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children
 The Burning of the LeavesNow is the time for the burning of the leaves
William Blake
 The Garden Of LoveI went to the Garden of Love, And saw what I never had seen: A Chapel was built in the midst, Where I used to play on the green.
Edmund Blunden
 AlmswomenAt Quincey's moat the squandering village ends
Lilian Bowes Lyon
 The White HareAt the field's edge
Robert Bridges
 A Passer-ByWhither, O splendid ship, thy white sails crowding
 London SnowWhen men were all asleep the snow came flying
 April 1885Wanton with long delay the gay spring leaping cometh
 Poor PollI saw it all, Polly, how when you had call'd for sop
Alan Brownjohn
 Class Incident from GravesAt the officers' table, for half an hour afterwards, port
Lord George Gordon Byron
 So We'll Go No More A RovingSo, we'll go no more a roving So late into the night, Though the heart be still as loving, And the moon be still as bright.
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