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Here are some sites that you may find interesting. The ones marked with an * are sites where I have found opening lines included on this site. The great deal of work put in by those sites in gathering and publishing this information is gratefully acknowledged. (Apologies to anyone that I haven't got around to including yet).

Book Lovers
*Miskatonic University Press, William Denton, Prop. William Denton is a Canadian with a love of books, particularly detective fiction.
*Book Quiz: How Many Opening Lines Do You Know? 17 multiple choice questions
*First-Few-Lines Game - Must Read Books A quiz (47 questions) with answers
*Book quiz - do you know these classic first lines? 10 multiple choice questions
*First Lines Quiz 20 multiple choice questions
*Can You Guess The Classic Novel From Its First Sentence? 17 Multiple choice questions
*Book Opening Lines Quiz 10 multiple choice questions
*Opening Lines From Literature Quiz 20 Multiple choice questions
*Quiz: How Well Read Are You? !0 Multiple choice questions
*The Guess The First Sentence Quiz 22 multiple choice questions
*The Guess The First Sentence -- Part Two quiz 21 multiple choice questions
*The Famous First Lines Quiz 15 multiple choice questions
* A huge repository of quotations of all types
* Online bookseller with Synopses and Reviews

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