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 Byron Jackson
Saggy Baggy Elephant
( with Kathryn Jackson)
A happy little elephant was dancing through the jungle. He <br />thought he was dancing beautifully, on
 Kathryn Jackson
Saggy Baggy Elephant
( with Byron Jackson)
A happy little elephant was dancing through the jungle. He <br />thought he was dancing beautifully, on
The Haunting of Hill House
No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality; even
Mr John Vyner, shipowner, pushed his chair back from his writing-table and gazed with kindly condesc
Sea Urchins
"Wapping Old Stairs?"
Brian Jacques1 crop
Mathias cut a comical figure as he hobbled his way along the cloisters, with his large sandals flip-
California Gold
The three hanged men turned in the wind as the timbers of the gibbet creaked and the blizzard cove
California Gold
The first treasure California began to surrender after the Gold Rush as the oldest: her land.
Heaven and Hell
All around him, pillars of fire shot skyward. The fighting had ignited the dry underbrush, then t
Love and War
The house burned an hour before midnight on the last day of April. The wild, distant ringing of t
North and South
"Like some help loading that aboard, young sir?"
  The stevedore smiled but there was
Henry James
Daisy Miller
At the little town of Vevey, in Switzerland, there is a particularly comfortable hotel
The Ambassadors
Strether's first question, when he reached the hotel, was about his friend; yet on his learning th
The American
On a brilliant day in May, in the year 1868, a gentleman was reclining at his ease on the great ci
The Aspern Papers
I had taken Mrs Prest into my confidence; in truth without her I should have made but little advance
The Awkward Age
Save when it happened to rain Vanderbank always walked home, but he usually took a hansom when the
The Bostonians
"Olive will come down in about ten minutes; she told me to tell you that."
The Golden Bowl
The Prince had always liked his London, when it had come to him; he was one of the modern Romans w
The Outcry
"No, my lord," Banks had replied, "no stranger has yet arrived. But I'll see if any one has come
The Portrait of a Lady
Under certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to
The Princess Casamassima
"Oh yes, I daresay I can find the child, if you would like to see him," Miss Pynsent said; she had
The Sacred Fount
It was an occasion, I felt - the prospect of a large party - to look out at the station for others,
The Turn of the Screw
The story had held us, round the fire, sufficiently breathless, but except the obvious remark that i
The Wings of the Dove
She waited, Kate Croy, for her father to come in, but he kept her unconscionably, and there were m
Death In Holy Orders
It was Father Martin's idea that I should write an account of how I found the body.
The Murder Room
On Friday 25 October, exactly one week before the first body was discovered at the Dupayne Museum, A
The Miracle of the Bells
A tall figure of a man stepped down from the last day coach at the end of the express train from t
I guess by now there can't be too many people anywhere who haven't heard about Billy Clyde Puckett
( with )
Rayford Steele worried about Mac McCullum's silence in the <br />cockpit of Global Community One during
( with )
Rage. No other word described it.
( with )
Rayford Steele slept fitfully and awoke tangled in a prickly <br />woolen blanket, knees drawn to his ch
Left Behind
( with )
Rayford Steele's mind was on a woman he had never touched. With <br />his fully loaded 747 on autopilot
The Indwelling
( with )
Leah Rose prided herself on thinking under pressure. She'd been <br />chief administrative nurse in a l
The Mark
( with )
It was midafternoon in New Babylon, and David Hassid was frantic. <br />Annie was nowhere in sight and
The Remnant
( with )
Rayford Steele had endured enough brushes with death to know that <br />the cliche was more than true:
Except the Dying
They started with the boots, which looked new.
All Roads Lead to Calvary
She had not meant to stay for the service.
Three Men in a Boat
There were four of us - George, and William Samuel Harris, and myself, and Montmorency
Sarah Orne Jewett 7
The Country of the Pointed Firs
There was something about the coast of Dunnet which made it seem more attractive than other mariti
Every summer Lin Kong returned to Goose Village to divorce his wife, Shuyu.
 Laurie John
Running for Her Life
"Move out of the way!" a woman shouted hysterically to a group of pedestrians crossing the street.
Tell No Man
This is a true story.
  As you will see, it is incumbent upon me to tell it as a nove
Biggles Defends the Desert
So slowly as to be almost imperceptible the stars began to fade.
Biggles in the Antarctic
"As a job, ours is about the dullest ever."
Middle Passage
Of all the things that drive men to sea, the most common disaster, I've come to learn, is women.
The Salamander
The day was Thursday; the month, October, rushing to its close; and the battered alarm-clock on th
An Error of Judgement
Suspecting myself of a cardiac disease, I went one morning to Harley Street to see Setter who had
Who Moved My Cheese?
Once, long ago in a land far away, there lived four little characters who ran through a maze looki
Picture of Mary Johnston
The valley lay like a ribbon thrown into the midst of the encompassing hills. The grass which gre
Lewis Rand
The tobacco-roller and his son pitched their camp beneath a gum tree upon the edge of the wood.
Sir Mortimer
But if we return not from our adventure," ended Sir Mortimer, "if the sea claims us, and upon his
The Long Roll
On this wintry day, cold and sunny, the small town breathed hard in its excitement. It might have
To Have and to Hold
The work of the day being over, I say down upon my doorstep, pipe in hand, to rest awhile in the c
From Here to Eternity
When he finished packing, he walked out on to the third-floor porch of the barracks brushing the d
Fear of Flying
There were 117 psychoanalysts on the Pan Am flight to Vienna and I'd been treated by at least six of
How to Save Your Own Life
I left my husband on Thanksgiving Day. It was nine years since I met him and almost that long sin
The Beach House
( with )
It's like dancing sitting down. Squeeze--tap--release--twist. <br />Left hand--right foot--left hand--
Robert Jordan
The Eye of the World
P The palace still shook occasionally as the earth rumbled in memory, groaned as if it would deny what had happened.

1  The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend.
James Joyce by Alex Ehrenzweig, 1915 restored
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moocow coming down along the road and thi
Finnegans Wake
riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodious vicu
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moocow coming down along the road and this
Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and
The Phantom Tollbooth
There was a boy named Milo who didn't know what to do with himself - not just sometimes, but always.
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