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Are You My Mother?
A mother bird sat on her egg.
Umberto Eco 04
The Name of the Rose
It was a beautiful morning at the end of November. During the night it had snowed, but only a lit
The Worm Ouroboros
There was a man named Lessingham dwelt in an old low house in Wasdale, set in a gray old garden wh
Drums Along the Mohawk
It was the second day of their journey to their first home.
Adam Bede
With a single drop of ink for a mirror, the Egyptian sorcerer undertakes to reveal to any chance c
Daniel Deronda
Was she beautiful or not beautiful? and what was the secret of form or expression which gave the
Miss Brooke had that kind of beauty which seems to be thrown into relief by poor dress.
Scenes of Clerical Life
Shepperton Church was a very different looking building five-and-twenty years ago. To be sure, it
Silas Marner
In the days when the spinning-wheels hummed busily in the farmhouses -- and even great ladies, cloth
The Lifted Veil
The time of my end approaches. I have lately been subject to attacks of angina pectoris; and in t
The Mill on the Floss
A wide plain, where the broadening Floss hurries on between its green banks to the sea, and the lovi
Thomas Stearns Eliot by Lady Ottoline Morrell (1934)
East Coker
In my beginning is my end.
Fairy Tale
The eyes of the watchers were cold and flat and incurious and the watchers were still.
American Psycho
ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER HERE is scrawled in blood red lettering on the side of the Chemical Bank near the corner of Eleventh and First and is in print large enough to be seen from the backseat of the cab as it lurches forward in the traffic leaving Wall Street and just as Timothy Price notices the words a bus pulls up, the advertisement for Les Miserables on its side blocking his view, but Price who is with Pierce & Pierce and twenty-six doesn't seem to care because he tells the driver he will give him five dollars to turn up the radio, "Be My Baby" on WYNN, and the driver, black, not American, does so.
Fran knocked at the front door. It was too dark for her to find the bell; however, had she found
Ralph Ellison photo portrait seated
The Invisible Man
I am an invisible man.
James Ellroy in Toulouse 9023 - January 2011
Brown's Requiem
Business was good.
The Neverending Story
All the beasts in Howling Forest were safe in their caves, nests, and burrows.
Howard Engel3
Dead and Buried
Irma Dowden looked over my office.
The Billion Dollar Sure Thing
The president of the United States did not suffer from such disadvantages of birth. He claimed both Irish and Jewish blood, a contention which, though never proven, was of itself sufficient to carry New York State regularly for his party. Sceptics pointed out that the man was neither rich nor drunk very often.
The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse
The grass was white with frost on the shadowed sides of the reservation hills and ditches, but the morning air was almost warm, sweetened by a southern wind.
The Private Life of Helen of Troy
The point of this story is that Paris gave the prize to Aphrodite, not because she bribed him, but
After Noon
Crises have a way of thrusting into the limelight hitherto obscure persons, and giving them, for a
The Galaxy
Laura Alicia Deverell was born on May 10th, 1862, at precisely a quarter past one o'clock on a Thu
Laura Esquivel, Miami Book Fair International, 1994
Like Water for Chocolate
  Take care to chop the onion fine. To keep from crying when you chop
Aces And Eights
His name is James Butler Hickok, but he has been called Wild Bill for so many years that he no longe
Superior rolled under a Wedgwood sky, stacking sunlight in long platinum rows and tangling in the br
Lady Yesterday
It was February by the time I caught up with Clara Rainey, at the end of a trail that wound to Miami
Motor City Blue
Facts from the past are best left there.
Never Street
It was the summer of darkness.
Silent Thunder
Ernest Krell loathed windows.
Sweet Women Lie
The Club Canaveral's rainbow front died short of the alley that ran alongside the building.
The Witch Finder
There are mornings, just after dawn on unseasonably hot June days when every breath you draw is filt
Eugenides, Jeffrey
I was born twice: first, as a baby girl, on a remarkably smogless Detroit day in January of 1960;
Janet Evanovich 20100914
Two for the Dough
I knew Ranger was beside me because I could see his earring gleaming in the moonlight. Everything
The Horse Whisperer
There was death at its beginning as there would be death again at its end. Though whether is was
The Christmas Box
It may be that I am growing old in this world and have used up more than my share of allotted word
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